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3 Gifts to Cultivate Self-Love


Hi there,

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. When I was single I felt left out and unlovable. Since Kris and I have been together, the holiday has been a great opportunity for me to set unrealistic expectations of him and again - find myself unlovable.

A few years ago I decided to recreate my relationship with the day and let it be a yearly reminder to practice and cultivate self-love daily.

On this Valentines Day and every other day of the year I wish you the deep feelings of self-love, appreciation & value that you truly deserve.

Here are 3 gifts from me to you:

Self-Love Meditation

My intention was to record a meditation for you personally but Laryngitis has gotten the better of my voice this week. So, I am sharing a meditation focused on affirming loving on yourself. I think this one is pretty fun:)

Here is the link

Self-Love Essential Oil Blend

There is a great essential oil book out there focused on blends for emotional well being called 'I Am Fabulous'. Here is a recipe from that book called I Love Myself..



12 Grapefruit - To help you prioritize personal needs around health & personal growth

8 Eucalyptus - To encourage you to schedule personal care daily. This oil creates desire to get emotionally, physically & spiritually healthy.

5 Coriander - Helps you to discover your specific needs for self-care

3 Ginger - Strengthen your spirit and see how important you are - Gotta take care of yourself first.

2 Cinnamon - Step into power and see your brilliant beauty & value in the world.

1 Lemon - Purifying - Dispel negative internal talk.

1 Lavender - Clearly communicate your needs.

1 Spearmint - Inspires you to stand strong & feel your worth.

*Add to a 5-10ml roller bottle and top off with fractionated coconut oil. Apply over heart 3x a day


Love All Of Yourself

Do more than just accept yourself, tolerate yourself, put up with yourself, endure who you are. Love yourself.

There came a time in my life when I simply could no longer put up with putting up with myself. I had talked about self-love. I had said out loud that I loved myself. The words were good, but they didn't ring true. I had to actually begin experiencing and practicing love for myself. It became the next step on my path.

To live in a magical way, one in which you connect with the universe, loving yourself isn't optional. It comes first. To hear the quiet voice of your heart so you know when you're being lead, to hear your thoughts so you can see what you really believe, to trust and open your heart, you must first experience love for yourself.

Have you abandoned yourself? Let yourself see if thats true, feel if it's true. Then learn to experience love for yourself.

Learn to love the way you handle things. Love your unique way of learning, growing and seeing things. Love where you've been. Love what you've done. Love where you are and what you're doing now.

Love how you look, smell and feel. Love the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, and the radiance in your heart. Love how you laugh. Love how you cry. Love your mistakes and love all of the good you've done. Love it all. Love all of you.

- Step into love for yourself, and the universe will reflect that love back to you. -

How will you love on yourself this Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear what you are up to!

Have a wonderful week!

- Chelle