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5 Essential Oils You Wont Want to Travel Without! And How To Use Them

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Whether you have upcoming travel plans this spring, or if you are a frequent flyer - These 5 (okay 6) Oils will help you to have the best travel experience possible.

Here's how!

Top 5 Essential Oils for Travel:

1. On Guard

  • Apply to feet and in water to boost immunity before, during & after travel.

  • Clean & disinfect hands, hotel phones & remotes ...you name it!

2. PB Assist - Probiotic & Digest Zen

  • Take PB Assist daily to support a strong & healthy gut, immunity & emotions. These have been a trip saver for me in Mexico!

  • Digest Zen is great for relief of any gastrointestinal symptoms and is 100% natural.

3. Lavender

  • Use lavender to calm and ease anxious travelers.

  • Drop on your pillow to help you sleep due to Jet lag or a new bed.

  • Sooth anything that itches or stings - bug bites, sunburn, breakout, you name it!

4. Lemon

  • Spray or diffuse in hotel to clear energy and freshen space.

  • Use in water to make sure you are hydrated - air travel is very dehydrating!

  • Spot cleaner - grease, chocolate, blood etc. - drop on and let it sit. Wash in sink. Voila!

  • Use as fruit & veggie cleaner at home or on the go!

5. Deep Blue

  • Improve circulation in legs & feet from travel

  • Sooth sore feet from long walks

  • Topical pain & inflammation

  • Head tension

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Travel Tips:

- Apply oils to your feet, water etc. or apply topically before you board a plane. While oils are safe for most people, it's never a friendly traveler move to assume others like the same oils you do.

- Worried about security? Don't! Oils are natural medicine and if you let security know they are not cosmetic but used for medicinal purposes, they will usually let you pass. Do make sure to have a reusable plastic bag.

- Bring a diffuser - they are easy to pack and diffusing the oils above helps support immune response, mood and space cleansing.

- If a diffuser is not an option - pack a 1-3oz-glass spray bottle and blend & spray as needed to diffuse & cleanse - I like a mix of Lemon & Lavender.

- Get an oil case! I love mine.

- Remember that all oils ARE NOT created equal. Here are some very helpful links to educate yourself on the Global Impact, Sourcing & Quality of doTERRA.

  1. Source to You - This is the quality standards & testing site - Check your oils!

  2. Co-Impact Sourcing - How we source & impact the world!!https://www.doterra.com/US/en/difference-co-impact-sourcing

  3. Quality - CTPG https://www.doterra.com/US/en/cptg-testing-process

  4. Global Sourcing - Who we partner with https://www.doterra.com/US/en/difference-global-botanical-network

I hope you find these tips helpful! And remember you can use them when packing for a trip cross country or for your day!