About the Founder - Chelle Swirez (Sh-elly Swi-erz)

Essential oils were not always my thing.

Actually, they would make me leave a room faster than you could say “lavender.”

But I found essential oils at the right time. They were just what I needed. Not what I was looking for.

I had been on anxiety medicine since I was 12.

I was tired of putting synthetic chemicals into my body. I was tired of feeling the side effects.

But, I was out of options, and I felt like I had tried everything.

I had started doing yoga and meditation as a way to lessen my symptoms and get my health back. But, there was still something missing.

That is when I learned about essential oils.

I knew essential oils were scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and depression.

But I didn’t believe the hype until I tried them for myself.

For the first time in many years, I was anxiety free.

But, I didn’t trust any essential oil when it came to my health. Many essential oils are contaminated or filled with toxic ingredients.

It was important that I found a high-quality oil that I could trust. I didn’t want to put harmful toxins into my body. I wanted to make sure I was giving my body the best.

That is when I found doterra. doterra is the only essential oil that is third-party tested for toxins and quality.

doterra is the only essential oil I trust when it comes to my health.

Want to give it a try?

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